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As Seen On TV!

In April 2012, our ‘Disco’ themed session featuring Phil T Gorgeous, Sade O’Sapphic, Sophia Disgrace and guest DJ Antonation, was filmed for inclusion in the Sky Atlantic TV program ‘Urban Secrets’! Host Scarlett Nymph spoke to Alan Cumming about our events.


The Dublin episode of the series was first broadcast on Sky Atlantic on the 16th August!


Emmy-nominee Alan Cumming hosts Urban Secrets, a new eight-part series that takes viewers on a stunning journey the length and breadth of the country, visiting a number of Britain’s most influential urban areas.


Cumming, best known for his role in The Good Wife, is bursting with enthusiasm as he takes to a new city in each episode, revealing incredible stories that will entertain and surprise. Throughout the series, Cumming will be exploring the different factors which make each city world renowned.


As Cumming guides viewers through the historical evolution of each destination, he will be joined by some famous names from the city, along with local experts who will offer their views and insights on what gives their city its unique character and spirit.


Celia Taylor, Head of Features and Factual, Sky commented: “Urban Secrets will offer an intriguing insight into not only the iconic landmarks of the various cities, but also the hidden gems that lie off the tourist trail; it is a refreshing stretch of the legs for Sky Atlantic.”