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Dr Sketchy’s at Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year Festival


We’ll be joining Sky Arts at the RDS, in Dublin, on Sunday 14 July from 10am to 6pm, providing free sessions through the day to celebrate their ‘Portrait Artist of the Year Competition’!

Whether you’re professional or amateur, come and join the coolest Art School in town. With three gorgeous models, fabulously attired, propped and posed, Dr Sketchy will bring out the artist in you, with themes including Lichtenstein’s Pop Art, the work of Art Nouveau pioneer Mucha and Degas’ ballerinas. Grab a sketch book and add a bit of glamour to your doodles! To enquire about booking a place please email


Azaria Starfire

Sade O’Sapphic

Sarah Vixyn


For more details see Sky Arts’ Website!