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Becoming A Dr Sketchy’s Dublin Model

Probably the most common email that I receive is from people enquiring about becoming models for Dr Sketchy’s Dublin, so I thought it was about time for a blog post to set the record straight!

How Do We Book Our Models?

First of all, our normal method of booking models per session is either we come up with a concept and look at our existing models to see who would best suit the theme, or often, our models and performers come to us with an idea that they’d like to try out.  In the rare instances when we find ourselves unable to book one of our regular models, we ask for recommendations from people we trust.  We prefer to book people who have had previous stage experience, but on occasion we will take on people who have just photographic modelling experience.

We also consider applications from established models/ performers who can provide a substantial catalogue of photos or video and can provide references.

What Do We Look For In A Model?

Our models are not all size 8 and 6 foot tall – they are all shapes and sizes with one thing in common, they are unique and interesting!  The role of a Dr Sketchy’s model doesn’t begin at 5pm and end at 8pm on the day of our sessions.  Our models assemble, make or borrow their costumes, plan their hair and make-up, weeks and sometimes months in advance of a session.  They are hot glue gun-slingers and know all the tricks in the trade to bedazzle anything that stays still long enough!  Our models know the Dr Sketchy’s aesthetic – the standard that our audience expects.  Many of our models have dance backgrounds and can create interesting shapes or hold difficult poses.

Modelling For Dr Sketchy’s is not a “First Step”

If you’re hoping to get into performing or burlesque, modelling for us is definitely NOT the first step on the journey.  Consider this; a burlesque performance or dance routine can last as little as 2 minutes and then you’re off the stage, however at Dr Sketchy’s, you’re out there in front of the crowd, in your underwear, for 3 hours.

If you really want to model for Dr Sketchy’s Dublin, there are a few things that will help:

  • Attend a session as part of the audience.  This is SO important!! How can you dream of applying to do something that you haven’t seen first hand! Come say “Hi”, put yourself on our radar.
  • Take a class and let your instructor know that you have ambitions to model or perform with us, we know many instructors and if/ when you’re ready, they can recommend you.  Classes are important, not just for gaining new skills, but also for getting to know your body and how it moves.  This will ultimately make you a better model and also give you body confidence.   This applies to both guys and girls.

Azaria Starfire – Burlesque/ Showgirl/ Chair Routines/ Bellydance

Bella A GoGo – Burlesque/ Bellydance

Emily Aoibheann/ PaperDolls – Aerial: Rope, Hoop, Silks/ Shibari/ Acrobatics

Foxy P Cox – Pole Fitness/ Burlesque/ Feather Fans/ Lyralesque (Burlesque Style Aerial Hoop)

Terri Fierce/ Fierce Fitness – Pole Fitness/ Body Conditioning for Pole Sport/ HandBalancing/ Pilates

Lisette Krol/ Tribe Fitness – Acrobalance/ Pole Fitness/ Aerial Hoop / Flexibility and Strength/Conditioning.

The Orchids – Tribal Fusion Bellydance

  • Get on stage!

And when you get there, make sure you get a video and send it on to us!  We do try to make it to events and see for ourselves, but with running a minimum of three events a month, it’s not always possible to make it to other events!

We’d like to think that modelling for Dr Sketchy’s Dublin is a fun, rewarding and positive experience.  We have been going strong for nearly 4 years and we’re planning on being around for years to come.  If you think you have the potential to join us, there’s no rush, take your time and enjoy the journey!