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Open Auditions

We have something very special in store this weekend at the Galway Tattoo Show!  Not only will there be a Dr Sketchy’s Lounge where we will be hosting sessions at 2pm and 4.30pm on Saturday and 3pm on Sunday featuring Shir Madness and Vixyn Von Trix, not only will there be an array of fabulous performances from Bella Agogo, Foxy P Cox and Shir Madness and not only will there be free workshops from Foxy and Shir…

On Sunday at 4pm, we will be hosting our first ever OPEN AUDITIONS!  We are hopeful that the auditions will unveil some new stars to add to our cast of stunning and talented models and performers.  You can email us for more information, or drop in and join us on the day.  Here’s some information about the auditions:

– The auditions will take place from 4pm to 5pm on Sunday. You must purchase a ticket for the Galway Tattoo Show in order to attend the auditions. Tickets will be available to buy on the door.

– Potential models can come to the Dr Sketchy Lounge from 2pm – 5pm on the Saturday and 2pm – 4pm on Sunday to fill out the modelling application form.

– The auditions themselves will begin at 4pm. We will set small groups and ask each group to take to the stage to pose for a number of quick 1 minute poses followed by a five minute pose – all standing.

Prospective models will be rated on the following:

– Costume/ Make-Up: Ability to put together an outfit to the general theme of “Animals”. Please note, the Tattoo Show is a family friendly event so pasties/ tassels will not be acceptable.

– Posing: We’ll be looking for interesting shapes for our artists to draw, ability to maintain the poses, confidence, connection with the audience.

– Other skills: For those who wish to perform, please let us know and email your music in advance. Performances will take place after the modelling section of the auditions.

We recommend that any potential models check out our sessions during the weekend for tips and inspiration, particularly if you haven’t attended a Dr Sketchy’s Session before.